Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Totally Terrific Tuesday - Yahweh

"I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.
 "You shall have no other gods before Me." Exodus 20:2-3

As a Jewish girl I have heard the Exodus story told 100's of times and sat at a sedar table all of my life.   I have always loved hearing the story of Moses leading the Jews out of bondage to the free land which God gave them.   God used Moses to bring freedom to His people.  God then used His one and ONLY Son Jesus to bring freedom to all.   By the blood of the lamb the Jews were saved.  By the very blood of our Lamb and LORD - we are saved for eternity.   The story may be the same today, however, the meaning has changed greatly to me.  What I once believed has been replaced with truth and details I am forever grateful to understand.   

What has not changed is the beauty of this story and how God intervened to save His people.  How He showed Himself as all powerful and would stop at nothing until His people were free.   He showed Himself faithful.  He showed Himself as the ultimate provider - giving manna from heaven.   He provided the way out by parting the Red Sea.   He provided protection.  He guided them by a pillar of smoke during the day and a pillar of fire by night.   

Can you imagine walking through the Red Sea like the 2 million Jews did?  Can you imagine knowing Moses and hearing the 10 commandments read after he spent time with God on Sinai?   Can you imagine eating manna from heaven????   I mean come on...that is truly remarkable and a miracle!  God provided bread for them.  God has provided The Bread of Life for us. 

What about today?  Are you crying out lost in the desert? Are you held bondage to things of this world?  Are you needing deliverance?   Watch this video, listen to the cries that God so powerfully responded to!  Will you cry out to God today asking for the ultimate deliverance and accept the Truth, Way and Life?

Moses did not deliver them.  I AM WHO I AM delivered them.  God (Yahweh) used each provision as a sign of reassurance that He would always be present to His people, hear their cries, answer their prayers, use His mighty power on their behalf, and respond faithfully even when they acted faithlessly.


Reflect On:      Exodus 3:12-15; 20:2
Praise God:     For revealing Himself through powerful acts of deliverance.
Offer Thanks:  That God has freed you from every form of bondage.
Confess:           Any tendency to forget what God has done for you.
Ask God:          To help you remember His saving acts in your life.

I'm pretty sure there will never be enough ways to Thank God for all the ways He has acted in my life and saved me.  I now love history and learning it with the children.  I love teaching them about ancient history that matches up with the stories all throughout the bible that found our faith in God.  I love teaching about the men and women who lived by faith during great trials and times.  I love teaching them about how God provided for His people over and over again.  I love teaching them that God will do the same for each of them - when they put their trust in Him alone.  

The very God who provided a way out over 4,000 yrs ago - provided the ultimate way out - 2,000 yrs ago through His Son for all who believe.   

Ann wrote the following:   The amazing events of Exodus defined who Yahweh was in extraordinary detail.  Yahweh - Israel's faithful, wonder-working God, the One who out of pity and love reached into human history to untie the bonds of an enslaved people - that was the name by which this God wanted to be forever known.
 Today, when you bow before Yahweh, thank him for the deliverance He has wrought out in your life.  Acknowledge your need for Him.  Recommit yourself to living by the ten commandments He gave, the law that enabled His people to live in His presence, confident of His care.   
You and I are not held to the law - we are to live by His grace and abide in Him.  We are to live by His command to love Him with our full hearts and minds.  We are to love others as ourselves.  We are to live by His every Word and hunger and thirst for His righteousness.  We are to allow Him to have full access of our hearts and lives.  We are to willingly and joyfully submit to His ways.   Knowing that God will do all that He asks us and will be faithful throughout our lives.   

You are trusting God Almighty El Shadday - your Creator Elohim - the God who sees you El Roi - our everlasting God El Olam and your God who will provide Yahweh Yireh!  

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting your faith and trust in Him! 

Open your hands and get on your knees asking for Him to come into your heart - accept His love today!

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