Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birds of a feather…

Truly stick together!   The girls wanted to feed and hold the birds.  It was very funny!

IMG_2147-1 IMG_2150-3 IMG_2152-5  IMG_2154-7IMG_2158-11IMG_2160-13  IMG_2157-10   IMG_2156-9IMG_2161-14

This little guy in the top right corner worked so hard to get the small branch and then out of nowhere the other bird swooped in and stole it.  He was just left standing there stunned.

IMG_2088-1  IMG_2090-3 IMG_2091-4

I stand in awe of God’s wonderful creation – seriously who could ever come up with the wild colors He put together all throughout nature and animals!?  Each of these photos were a challenge none of the birds sit still very long.  They fly from one branch to the next singing to each other along the way.  They are so close to you as they fly your hair and skin feel the breeze of their wings flapping!IMG_2093-5 IMG_2094-6

 IMG_2097-7  IMG_2099-9

 IMG_2101-11 IMG_2103-1 IMG_2104-2IMG_2107-5

IMG_2112-3 IMG_2113-4

 IMG_2115-6 IMG_2116-7

This bird reminds me of a miniature Eagle.

IMG_2118-9 IMG_2119-10

IMG_2120-11 IMG_2123-12 IMG_2124-13  IMG_2126-3

IMG_2129-4 IMG_2132-3



It’s been a long time since I was this close to Parrots.  The colors on them are amazing and how gentle they are while cleaning each other.  Look at the detail in their face design and imagine the love of God for each of us – special and uniquely made by Him.

IMG_2075-6 IMG_2080-7 IMG_2087-7

IMG_2086-6IMG_2070-1 IMG_2071-2  

IMG_2133-4 IMG_2136-7 IMG_2138-9 IMG_2141-12 IMG_2142-13 IMG_2143-14

Have you ever tried to capture a hummingbird before?  I have and all I usually capture is a big blur with feathers.   Not this time and look how gorgeous these tiny creatures are!

IMG_2058-12 IMG_2059-13

I caught these right before leaving the exhibit and going home.

This one reminds me of a miniature Peacock.

IMG_2239-4 IMG_2240-5 IMG_2241-6

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