Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Butterfly Beauty

This weekend I went to Butterfly World and felt like I entered a children’s fairytale storybook.  It was simply magical to someone like me who loves butterflies.  They literally fly all around you, land on you and give you the sweetest butterfly kisses!


IMG_1993-18 IMG_2013-32

IMG_2017-1  IMG_2021-5

IMG_2026-3 IMG_2046-3 IMG_2056-10

IMG_2060-14 IMG_2063-17 IMG_2064-18

IMG_2205-13 IMG_2206-14

 IMG_2207-15 IMG_2211-19

IMG_2213-21  IMG_2224-29 IMG_2226-31 IMG_2228-33 IMG_2230-35 IMG_2231-36


 IMG_2235-1 IMG_2236-2 IMG_2237-3

IMG_2034-2 IMG_2038-6 IMG_2039-7

This is an amazing piece of art for sale…


A cool poster showing the complete life cycle of a butterfly – which saddened me greatly – they live for approximately 3 – 10 days.  Only one butterfly lives longer (10 months) and it is from Africa.


Butterflies in flight…IMG_1981-6

IMG_2001-26 IMG_2010-29  

Beautiful birds and flowers coming next…

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