Monday, June 7, 2010

I Heart Faces Philly Photo-walk

Saturday was a blast.  Not what I expected, but I have to say God showed up in a big way by introducing us to the sweetest godly young couple (who happened to be our wedding models and oh I better mention this before you see them – they are GORGEOUS!!!!!).  Lexi and I spent lots of time with them after the walk was over.  I was able to capture a few extra shots that I can’t wait to share with them.   Enjoy seeing the day through my lens…



                           IMG_2457-17  IMG_2464-24IMG_2469-29 IMG_2466-26 


IMG_2479-36 copy


                            IMG_2489-42 IMG_2491-44

                               IMG_2500-1 IMG_2501-2 IMG_2502-3

                          IMG_2504-5 IMG_2505-6


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  1. Love the jump shots! I am a big fan of those! Nice meeting you!


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