Friday, June 4, 2010

Jump in and Splash Around

Now Naomi is our feisty, smart, cute and funny 2.5 yr old daughter.  She recently took up swimming and wants to jump in like the big kids.  She also has requested to be thrown in.  After today I’m not so sure she will be asking for that again…any time soon.  These are priceless!  Look at what happened when she was in the water…be glad there is no sound!

IMG_2376-34 IMG_2364-29


IMG_2378-35 IMG_2379-36 IMG_2382-37  IMG_2384-39

No worries she was fine in a matter of one minute ready for me to capture these:

IMG_2355-22 IMG_2356-23IMG_2360-26 IMG_2357-24 

Next it was time for a good splash around the hot tub!  I love these shots :-)


IMG_2412-44  IMG_2418-48

I can’t tell – do you think Gabriel likes splashing?

IMG_2420-49 IMG_2422-50

   IMG_2426-52IMG_2425-51  IMG_2427-53 copy IMG_2428-54 IMG_2429-55 IMG_2430-56 IMG_2431-57 IMG_2432-58

I loved how this turned out.   I am going to keep practicing this throughout the summer and try to get in even closer to the water drops and slow it all down.  Any tips I would love to learn them!IMG_2397-43

Next photos posted will be from the I Heart Faces Walk and my photo shoot on Sunday!  Until then be blessed! 

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