Sunday, June 13, 2010

UP, UP and AWAY!

Yesterday we had our 1st BBQ of the summer season!  It was a blast!

We had our church family over!  We praise God for each of them in our lives!  What a blessing it is to share this journey with each of them!

Now one of the fun parts of our time together was swimming!  The children all LOVE to be tossed up in the air and a few of them went up so high I only caught a glimpse of their sweet faces!

Here are my favorites of the children flipping in and going up, up and away!

This is Max who just turned 3!  HELLO! 

swimming-3 swimming-4

One of our sweet church members brought each of our children a water ball.  They had such a good time catching them as they jumped in!  Lilly was awesome at it!


                     swimming-20 swimming-16swimming-21 

                 swimming-27 swimming-25 swimming-26 

Noah has definitely conquered his swimming fear and loves being in the hot tub swimming all by himself!  So cute!

 swimming-30 swimming-22

Naomi loves to swim too!


If you follow along here then you know Cameron is one of our new friends and has quickly become part of our family!  He did this first when I wasn’t watching – so of course I had to have him do it all over again just so I could capture this: 

             swimming-31 swimming-32 swimming-33 

I hope wherever you live you are enjoying the glory of the SON and basking in His love for you!  Capture the moments that remind you to live, laugh and love!

Now look what arrived yesterday! 


Yes, it is already full and ready to be used!


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