Monday, July 19, 2010

Two Great Finds:

First, I love finding tools for all of us to use that are truly helpful and free is always good!

FREE - Homeschool Weekly Planner Printables: click on graphic


Lexi fills out her own planner now and this she can simply download filled in each week or bi-weekly!  I will print them out every two weeks for myself as well. 

Then while visiting another homeschool blog I found this game on the sidebar and I can’t wait to get one for us.  Our kids will LOVE playing this game together! Simply click on the graphic to check out!

I will be taking more photos of the classroom this week – with the children in it!  Because we are going to start three days a week and gear up for full-time school by the middle of August. 

Jordan has finished Teaching Texbook 3 already and will begin level 4 next week.   Abigail will begin level 3 when she is done.   She is very excited to start after watching Jordan doing it the last month and a half. 

To complete 3 so quickly Jordan did approximately 4-5 lessons each day.  When she got a score lower than 86 – she would redo the lesson until it was mastered.  Some days doing 4-5 lessons would take 2+ hours.  She may not have always liked the length it took her to complete them, however, her math skills show the time invested!  Totally worth it!

My greatest challenge this year will be teaching with all three little ones in the school room.   They have ants in their pants and don’t fully grasp the idea of quiet while mommy is teaching.  I have tons of neat games, puzzles, coloring sheets, etc to try and keep them busy and quiet while I’m teaching.  Say a little pray for me that it works.  I’ll have my camera in the school room to show you our progress and funny moments!

When will you begin this year?  What great finds can you share with us?

Blessings to you all!  

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  1. I continue to hear great things about teaching textbooks. Does Lexi use them too? Is i spiral based or mastery? What do you think Mom?

    Hugs to you and happy teaching,

  2. Lexi LOVES IT! She will be doing Algebra II this year. Last year she did Geometry and finished with an A!

    It begins now with grade 3 - which is wonderful introduction to computer skills as well!

    I am sure not everyone will agree with me on this one - but I have found that if I keep a close eye on where their weaknesses are and help them in that specific area then this program is mastery.

    I love that it grades all of their work for me and shows me the questions they got wrong and if they tried it more than once. Then I can go back over that specific problem with them. I love that they can listen to the lectures over and over again to MASTER that area.

    Teaching Textbooks is more mastery overall. I like the quizzes after 5 lessons which definitely helps us the mom/parent see where our children are with each skill. I like that each skill continues throughout the book so they don't lose what they mastered weeks ago!

    The one day co-op Lexi attends uses this too! The moms all love it!


  3. Here is a great link for everyone to check out who is looking for a math curriculum -


  4. We begin right after Labor Day, God willing! Christian will be in preschool 2 mornings a week, but the rest of the time... he will be with us. 2 boys with ants in the pants!! Pray for me! I will be praying for you!

  5. Jill ... what a beautiful family and story you have! I am glad to have found your blogs! ;)


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