Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wonderful Word Wednesday – My Life

The realization has hit me that six months ago I saw things I never dreamed I would see.  That life has slowly infiltrated those memories and has begun to undo the emotions they provoked in me.   I cringed when I realized just how much I have forgotten what He took me to see and how deeply He impressed upon my heart to hold on to everything He spoke to me in a little village around the world.

I read a post written by Amy this morning – friends and family if you want to understand my heart – take a moment to read what she shared.  Vince and I spoke on the phone last week for over a half hour.  His stories are still ringing in my ears.  My heart still pricked by the reality I have seen in Guatemala, Ethiopia and here in the US.  

My life – is HIS!  How am I living it?


After watching these videos I’m reminded again that being a disciple of Jesus means letting go of everything the worlds hold value on.   Then grabbing hold of everything He holds value of.  

What does He value most?  

A relationship with us! 

A relationship so deep we don’t question His call on our lives.  

A relationship so tender we have compassion for the lost and lonely. 

A relationship based on trust and knowing from the inner most places of our heart and soul – that HE who calls us is FAITHFUL!

That we are to rejoice in where we are right now – bloom where we are and grab hold of the hearts closest to us for the kingdom of heaven.    For me – those closest are my husband and children.  That means I am to pour every ounce of His love into them faithfully day and night with JOY!    That means allowing God to use me right here!   That means I am to NOT forget a thing He showed me and to allow Him to use me to be a voice for all that He has taught me – HOW HE WANTS TO – WHEN HE WANTS TO and WHERE!     Right now that is from my home filled with 9 blessings who are depending on me to disciple them to be just like Jesus!   So that together we can go into the world and preach the gospel to every creature!  So that we can defend our faith and live radically for Him without hesitation – knowing that nothing is greater than the gift of living our lives for Him – who died for us!

As I ponder the depth of His love for me more and more each day – I come to realize that I may never truly understand it – but I can certainly be empowered by it – changed more because of it and live each day filled with it – spend each moment consciously remembering it and allowing my every decision be based upon it.

How about you?

How are you living it?


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