Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Bear, Two Bear

Three Bear…Four!

I have been super creative (not really) in my teaching this week…which really means I gave the older children worksheet work to do in the morning so that I could focus on the three youngest.  Then when the littlest ones are napping I teach the five older ones.  It has worked out great while Lexi is away.  I get nothing done around the house – but that’s ok none of you can see the dust piled up or the dirt all around…so it’s cool…right?

First, we did coloring alphabet sheets that I was happy to find on Jolanthe’s blog this week.

Joshua who will be 5 in December is doing a great job with coloring!  I’m so impressed with how well he stays in the lines (his are on the far left)! The second set is Noah who will be 4 in December and then Naomi’s who will be 3 in October.


It is very funny listening to them talk while coloring, “you are scribbling.”  “No I’m not.”  “Yes you are.”  And this conversation goes on until I explain they need to be LOVING to one another.   Thank you very much!

Then I took out their words which you all saw on the video last week – they all did great this time!  Noah even got most of the alphabet cards right!  :-)

Next we spent time with my bear bin…first I sorted them by color.  Then we counted them.  That was so precious to hear them counting their bears.  If only Joshua could sit still in my classroom like he does in the kitchen it would be great.  Or if he would not break things while he is supposed to be napping.  Or go into his siblings rooms who are also napping.  Or if he would watch where he is going instead of walking into walls, falling down steps, walking into trees or right off the slide.  You get the idea…he is all boy!  At least now I know he is smart and inside that head of his that seems to be filled with a whole lotta nothing throughout the day – he is getting what I have been teaching him.  YEAH GOD!   Much needed encouragement for this tired Momma!

I made a circle and triangle, and asked them to do the same.  Joshua was the only one who could copy mine.  I helped Naomi and Noah – leaving half of their circle undone.  Noah…well let’s just say he didn’t catch on to copying anything I did with the bears. 

totschool-5totschool-23totschool-3  totschool-6

Then I made a pattern of small, big, small, big…totschool-14 totschool-13 

Joshua got it again right away.  Naomi got it with a little bit more instruction.

totschool-16 totschool-18

She was very proud of herself for getting it!  totschool-17  totschool-21

Once again Noah didn’t get it, even with more instruction.  He was getting very frustrated.  So I took over and put them in the order hoping to teach him what I meant.  That didn’t seem to make him feel any better.  We will keep working on this skill so that he can have success!  He didn’t start his in the right direction either – so true of my boy who marches to his own beat!totschool-26totschool-12   totschool-29

Today the older children had piano lessons so instead of school we took the morning off for RECESS!  It was a huge hit!  I gave all four boys much needed hair cuts.  I’ll take photos to share tomorrow :-)

We are studying through the book of Romans each morning – the kids and love this time together in His word.  What great wisdom to receive every day before we start school. 

Anyone else have good ideas of what to do with the youngest while you teach the older children?   I know there are many who would be blessed to hear the successful things you are doing!   So please share :-)

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  1. Wow! Looks like you had a fun and productive day. Your kiddos are too cute and I love the photography skills! I think working with the littles is the most fun!

  2. I participated in a preschool activity bag swap! Hands down best time spent!!

    Here is s link.

    I have done several other swaps from this website for my older one and those are a hit too!

    You have a precious family!
    Rach :)

  3. Ah, love those faces!

    Can't wait to homeschool!!!

  4. This is our first year homeschooling. My oldest is 4, the next one just turned 3, and the youngest will be 2 in December. K4 only takes us about 45 minutes, but b/c he still naps for two hours every day, it HAS to be done in the morning while everyone else is awake too. :( I bought and started implementing the schedule that Teri Maxwell talks about in her book Managers of their Homes, and it gives great ideas! I have certain toys or activities that the younger ones are allowed to pull out while my oldest does school. But then again, I only have 3 to try to get a handle on. :) Love your blog! I am local and secretly hoping I run into you somewhere so we can meet! haha! :)

  5. Not sure if my advice helps, but my smallest (Norah-14 months) takes her morning nap while I do circle time with my 3 and 4-year- old. Then my 3-year-old watches a National Geographic Kids 30 minute video while I get my 4-year-old's work done. Then my 4-year-old watches her 30 minute video while I do the 3-year-old's work.

    I know many mamas don't want to resort to television, but my kids only watch videos that I have previewed and are educational or are based on Christian character. It's their only video of the day basically, so there's no guilt! ;)

    Glad your week is going by okay without your oldest helper. I, too, count on my oldest daughter's help and what a blessing it is for all siblings to learn to be compassionate and help each other.

    Have a great weekend!


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