Monday, August 16, 2010

Serious Cuteness

I couldn’t wait to catch this on video…

Naomi will be 3 yrs old in October –this little one is not only smart, but she is FUNNNEEEE!

Enjoy a few giggles and try this with your children to help them learn words and the alphabet – it works!   The Preschool-Prep DVD series ROCKS!

Poor Noah doesn’t really get a word in when Naomi is around – he will be 4 in December, Joshua who is sitting next to him will be 5.  Yes, that means their ages will be 3, 4, 5…pray for me!

I am trying to put a post together to share the new system we are using this year to help the children become a bit more independent and help keep us all organized.  So far it is working really well. 

I figured I would answer this question from my comments so that others who might be wondering the same thing can see my answer (if anyone has other questions that you would like me answer please feel free to leave a comment or email me):

…this is only our second year of homeschooling and I have a specific question about record keeping. I wondered what method you use, especially since you have one in highschool. Mine are only in gradeschool, and I purchased an online program, but for someone who is not computer savvy it is exhausting to work through it all. It is the Homeschool Tracker System and it has so many options and data entry places that I am overwhelmed. I am wondering if the good ol' teacher notebook planners are a good choice. I want to start with a method now that makes sense to continue through the later years. I mean, if your eldest is thinking about college, how do you make sure all the records/transcripts are in order? What are colleges looking for when a homeschooler applies? I know my state doesn't require record keeping, but I am doing it nonetheless, just in case we need to prove what we're doing and in case we ever move to another state that DOES require it. Thought I'd ask now before we get too far down the road. Help!:)

Thanks for your question!

Lexi does her own record keeping in a good ole fashioned homeschool journal.  She puts everything into that she does each day – keeps track of grades, etc.   Maybe I can post a photo of what her journal looks like once some more things are filled in for the year.   Our evaluator helps keep track of all of her grades, she writes up a long evaluation that gets sent into the organization where Lexi will get her diploma from (PHAA), an official transcript is being made for when she applies to college and they will send whatever is needed to each college.  We keep all of her notebooks, tests and other projects if anyone ever questioned the amount of work that we say she completed.  Many colleges have admission sections on their websites just for homeschoolers because more and more are coming through their doors.  From what we have found Lexi is doing more work than most public school students, so when she applies to college we believe she will be well prepared and received.

I have yet to use a journal for the other children.  However, with several of them in grades that we will need to be evaluated at the end of the year - I might begin journaling what we are doing each week.   I have a few journals that I like and am deciding which one I will use.   I don’t really like having to take the extra time to write it all out.  Personally, I don’t really need anything to keep me on task or track because I just keep moving through a book (chapter by chapter as the children are ready)…I give them worksheets to help master certain things, they do daily grammar, spelling and math worksheets, bible verses, and penmanship practice.   They are keeping track of the books they are reading – thanks to the ones I found on Homeschool Creations.  I check all of their work on Friday and then they redo anything that is not done correctly.  We will work together on things they might be struggling to comprehend as well.  Because we are using Teaching Textbooks for our math program – I don’t have to keep track of that at all.  Each assignment is graded as they go and it keeps track of all quiz scores as well.  I love that!  A big help to me.  I can see the areas of math they are struggling with and quickly step in to help them master that skill before they get too far behind.  I love that they can redo a lesson over and over again until they master it!  I can’t say enough good things about Teaching Textbooks.  

Then at the end of each quarter I will take all of their work and place it into a folder to be handed into our evaluator at the end of the year.  We will begin doing art projects in September and science soon after that – I like them do them both once or twice a week and usually stick to the same days each week.   We are working on USA Geography and learning all about map reading.   I bought the children several geography bingo games that they love and are really helping them learn more about the world they live in.  I have many map puzzles too.  I am sure if my state required me to keep a journal to be handed in at the end of the year I would definitely be filling one out.  Their portfolio’s are the best journal keeper in my mind.  I doubt I will do the exact same thing, the exact same way when the last three are ready for school.  So really who am I keeping a journal for? 

The one thing I like most about homeschooling is – I can change my mind about what we are doing any given week and focus on one subject area for as long as I feel we need to or desire to.  My focus is to not make any of us crazy with a rigid schedule – I try to keep learning fun and not turn our home into a place where I am so stuck on what is inside of my planner that I can’t relax and go with the flow of our day.  

I hope that answered your question and helps just a bit. 

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  1. Not sure if my favorite part was when Naomi went on her "what's it say?" tear or when she was saying "J-o-s-h-u-a!" Too cute!

  2. I'm so glad you left a link to this post. It was so worth it watching the videos of the children learning. Naomi has quite the personality, doesn't she? I love it. She is so smart. I can't believe she is reading those words and she's not even quite three. Wow.

  3. So so so very cute!!! And she is so far ahead with reading, wow! I have a 2-year-old who will be 3 in January and I can't imagine him doing what she's doing! I love all their sweet little chipmunky voices chiming in together! Adorable!

  4. Hi I am new to your site. I was curious what age did you start her on the videos. I am a stay at home mom want advice on when to start using structure and learning. I play with my daughter who is 14months old, read, and look at picture books naming colors and items.

  5. We started the Pre-K prep DVD series when she was a little over 2 yrs old. The best thing to do is keep reading to her. Read and show her words. Play with puzzles when she is a bit older too. Naomi is one of our smartest children. She is not your typical 2.5 yr old at all. I knew she was smart when she was 18 months old and began to understand when we asked her to pray to calm down.

    I pray for wisdom on how to teach her and keep her from being bored!

    I just bought several bingo games that will help make learning new things fun!

    Blessings and enjoy the picture books!

  6. Oh my how I love that little girl!!!! Little spunky SMART one! Those poor boys don't have a chance with her around!!! ;-)

  7. Oh my goodness!! I'm rolling over here!! So stinkin' cute!!! I'm totally impressed, too!

  8. HI Jill--
    Can you give more info on what you do for high school and how you found an "evaluator". Is this just a teacher working with you?

    Thanks for sharing your insights!

  9. Julie I commented on your blog.
    However, there are many resources on here to help you with selecting a HS cirriculum.



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