Friday, September 24, 2010

Fearfully Fabulous Friday – New Heights


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Most people who know me know – I don’t like heights.   You will NEVER see me climbing up a side of mountain like above.   Nor will I be the one to ride on a zip line across two trees or cross over a walking bridge high above water below.  Nope not me!   I like my feet firmly planted on the ground, pretty much at all times.   That used to cause a big issue when flying.  But 13 trips to Guatemala and 2 long flights to Ethiopia changed that one forever.  I’m a good flier now. 

God is asking me to climb to a higher height.  He wants to show me a new view.  He has something I must see if I am going to get to the place where He is asking me to go. 

However, I can’t get there if I am unwilling to climb way up.  

I am unable to get there if I allow my fears to hold me back. 

I am unable to get there if I insist on keeping things safe here on the ground.

I am unable to receive the blessing waiting for me if I refuse to humble myself and believe that God is able to keep me safe as I climb higher and higher. 

The exact verse won’t come to me this morning – but I know this much is true – He will make me like  a deer with hinds feet and will keep my feet from slipping. 

God will catch me even if I fall.  I’m not talking physically here – this is a spiritual climb.   We all know that if I truly climbed a mountain and started to fall most likely I would get hurt.   Could God save me and stop me from falling? Sure.  But the reality is – gravity brings us back down.  

You see God wants each of us daily to go higher with Him.   He wants us to go where we can’t see above, ahead or around the bend.   He wants us to simply walk by faith and let Him be the lamp unto our feet.  Knowing that we know that we know that we know – HE IS FAITHFUL and GOOD ALL OF THE TIME.  

And I know that!

So, I will climb to new heights with Him. 

I will go where I can’t see ahead.

I will walk one foot in front of the other. 

I will take risks I have never taken before.

I will stand in the shadow of His wing when the enemy wants to discourage me.

I will stand on the solid ROCK of my Lord when the enemy tries to knock me back down.

I will stand behind the Shield of faith, when the enemy tries to shoot arrows of doubt into my heart.

I will armor up daily knowing that when I am on the good path, the enemy wants to try and tell me all the reasons I am walking the wrong way.

I will place my feet exactly where God leads and stand firm, because I can trust my feet won’t slip.

I will let go of control and my desire to know what is next – because honestly friends – whatever I thought was the good plan can’t even compare the PERFECT plan God has waiting for me at the top of the mountain I must climb.

I read an awesome quote the other day and believe we all would benefit from meditating upon it:

"If we cannot believe God when circumstances seem to be against us, we do not believe Him at all." Charles Spurgeon

A great reminder that God IS God Almighty ALL the time and He is GOOD ALL the time!!! He fulfills ALL of His promises!! He is FAITHFUL!  LORD HELP US IN OUR UNBELIEF!!♥

That is the key to our living life more abundantly – if we would just believe that God is who He says He is – we would not struggle through our circumstances because we would know that we know that we know – HE WILL SEE US THROUGH!

No matter where you are today.   God is waiting for you to let Him truly be what you call Him – LORD.   God is waiting to lift you out of the mire and mud and give you a firm place to stand.   Simply say to Him, “Here I am.” 

John 22_23-25

The other day I was reading Warren’s blog and he posted a video that I believe will not only encourage many of you – it will bless you as well.   I love the words and share some below.  

Before you watch the video think about the words above and pray to see God as He is – HOLY, POWERFUL, SAVIOR, KING OF KINGS, GOODNESS and LOVE! 

Then gather your children and celebrate everything He has done for all of us – lift up your eyes to the mountain, lift your hearts up to the sky and lift up your voices to the heavens – REJOICE for this is truly the day the Lord has made.  

Be blessed friends and enjoy all that God has so graciously given each of us!

1300 people in Hungry are celebrating Resurrection Day!   That thought alone is exciting to me!!!!


Joy in this life time, utterly free
More than the world gives, beyond what you see
For nations its time to rise their hope is in Jesus Christ
If the giants come, just hold on, the advantage is now on your side
Jesus, will take the final fight

A light dawned that Sunday Morning it broke through the boundaries of time
Hearts start shining, calling to all mankind
Lets celebrate eternal life

When nothing is as you want it to be
Look up to heaven
Freedom was paid for on Calvary
The chain is broken
Making a way right to destiny
Borders are open
And Jesus has granted the victory
That Sunday mornin’



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