Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Teen Talk Tuesday–True Love Waits

First, before you begin reading today’s post.  I want to apologize for missing last week.   With everything going on in our family – and Lexi was truly too busy with school work and preparing for SAT’s.  I will be back next week to share more of what God has spoken to our hearts about this topic as we raise 9 strong arrows for Him – all who desire to wait for God’s best for them and their future spouses.  Thank you Christie for writing such a love and Spirit-filled post for all to glean pearls of wisdom from!

In order for us to truly dive into the topic of “True Love Waits”, we have to first know what “true love” is. Let’s start with the definition of love, as given by Webster;

Love (luv) n. 1 a deep and tender feeling of affection for or attachment or devotion to a person or persons 2 an expression of one’s love or affection 3 a feeling of brotherhood and good will toward other people 4 a) a strong liking for or interest in something b) the object of such liking…

…and on and on it goes. Webster gave eight definitions for the noun form of love and numerous forms for other parts of speech. It then goes on to talk about love affair, love apple, love beads, love bird, love bug, love feast, love game, and so on.

From this view, you would think we'd have the concept of love down. It all sounds pretty easy, right? But, I'd like to ask, what is true love? For that I would point to the mission statement of our church's youth group, as written by my husband:
Our student ministry exists to point youth and their parents to the cross of Jesus Christ. It is at the cross where we see true love displayed in spite of our sinful condition. By embracing and reflecting on this love, we want Christ to reign supreme in every area of our lives. This is done through a life that is Seeking Christ above all, Saturated with the word, Seeing Christ’s will through prayer, Sharing the gospel with others, and a life totally Satisfied with Christ and him alone.

When we understand that true love is not a definition, but an act that was displayed through the cross of Jesus Christ, we will then be able to humble ourselves in these five areas and let "True Love Wait" for the spouse that God has for us.

God is love
Seeking Christ above all: when we seek Christ above everything else in our lives (family, school, friends, etc.) we esteem Him and make his will the priority of our lives. If we seek Him, true love waits...

Saturated with the word: when we make God's word a daily priority, we are equipped to face each day with a Gospel-centered world-view. There is no excuse that "everyone is doing" it when we are seeking to live Holy lives in accordance to the scriptures. If we are saturated with the word, true love waits...

Seeing Christ's will through prayer: when we see the will of God through daily prayer, we arm ourselves with the ability to know that we are walking in light, truth, and the will of our Lord. If we see Christ's will through prayer, true love waits...


Sharing the gospel with others: when we make evangelism a priority, we see others as brothers and sisters in Christ. If we are sharing the gospel, we have to live the gospel, and true love waits...

Satisfied with Christ and him alone: when we live a lifestyle that is totally satisfied in Christ, we are able to believe that He knows what's best for our lives. When we trust His will, we enable ourselves to sit back and wait for true love.

When we are seeking, saturated, seeing, sharing, and satisfied with Christ, we then have a correct view of who Christ is and what true love is.

Remember this:


Join me on the last Tuesday of this month as I dig deeper into God's perfect plan for true love.


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