Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Saturday, I had the sheer privilege of taking photos of our oldest daughter.   She loves to put beautiful modest outfits together and I think she does an awesome job!   She has a great sense of style.  Her inner beauty outshines whatever you see on the outside 100 times over!   I’m blessed beyond measure to share this life with her!   We had a blast capturing these.  I was very thankful that some of our trees still had this many leaves on them.   Soon they will all be bare.

With that said, here are my shots for Sweet Shot Tuesday!

                   IMG_1626 IMG_1632

                   IMG_1641 IMG_1643

Her laugh is absolutely contagious and so full of His joy!

             IMG_1647 IMG_1649

             IMG_1659 lexi-yellow-3

Love the soft afternoon sun coming through the trees and the glare from it!


                  IMG_1674 IMG_1679

                 lexi-up lexi-yellow-10-2



Before we came home to shoot the above photos we stopped at a spot I have driven by 1,000’s of times and always hoped to take someone there for a photo session.   You can bet I will be back there again!  It was gorgeous Smile



                 IMG_1533 IMG_1546

                 IMG_1567 IMG_1570


                  IMG_1587 IMG_1588

Just in case you are wondering – yes, I keep these boots in my car at all times. 

You never know where one might desire to take photos Smile

                IMG_1592 lexi-waterfav

All shots edited for contrast only – 50mm f1.4

Sweet Shot Day


  1. What a gorgeous girl!! How lucky are you to have a beautiful model at your disposal ;o) Enjoy the pretty fall leaves while you still can! They make the perfect backdrop for photos!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog! You take beautiful portraits... something I'm still trying to learn about. You also have a beautiful website! Have a wonderful day!

  3. the way the light was falling right on the tips of her hair in the first few shots was beautiful!


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