Thursday, December 23, 2010

For the Love of Color

Yesterday I spent time teaching Lexi all about DOF {Depth of Field} and learning to use your inside light meter.  The night before I took time reviewing all of Darcy’s tutorials.  I believe we can never stop being a student of the things we love no matter how good we get – because there is always the next level to achieve and another thing to learn.  So onward and upward we go…you will see in each photo I changed where I was focusing, thus changing the DOF in each shot.  Take note of all that is in focus and then what is not – that is all done on purpose by changing my aperture (fstop) and leaving my shutter speed alone.  I did not want to use my 580EX speedlite for these so there is a bit more grain (noise) then I would desire in any portrait shot I take – ie a high ISO was used.   Settings with my 24-70mm f2.8L {1/60  f4.5 to f7.1 ISO 500}

Now it is your turn to show off your love of color and shots of the same thing with only the DOF changed. Smile

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