Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lovely Lemons

Today I took a few minutes to try out Karli’s awesome tutorial and shot!  I have to say even without having a macro lens I am thrilled with how they turned out.  Thank you Karli for sharing your creative ideas and how you capture them with all of us.  Not many pros will do that and you are a true gem!  I appreciate your support and encouragement so much!  Food photography is much easier than people and more challenging all at the same time!  I think food shots will help keep me busy until the warmer weather comes!  Smile









Anyone else feeling a bit thirsty after looking at these? 

Here is my pull back shot so you can see how I captured them as well.  I did not use a flash for any of the shots.  All shots were taken with my 50mm f1.4 settings {1/60 f3.2 ISO 400} there are many windows in the room and none were casting shadows on the floor.  So lighting was perfect!


I am sure this next shot has million technical things wrong with it – but I LOVE IT!!!!  Not sure what it is about it – but I dig it!


Wait until you see Lexi’s food shots later this week.  One thing our girl is –  she is CREATIVE!!!

Anyone have a good food shot that we can all try?  Would love to see it and hear your suggestions for what I should try next!

Did you see my berry beautiful shots?  I love the rich contrast of red and white!


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  1. Your shots are beautiful!! And thanks for sharing Karli's blog. Her tutorials are fabulous!


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