Monday, December 13, 2010

Newborn Meet Nicholas 8 Days Old

I shared a few photos of him last week here and here.  However, we had his 1st photo shoot on Saturday.  It was set to start at 11am – but Nicholas was not ready to go until 1pm.  He was hungry and wanted to eat!  We were all thrilled that mom’s milk came in and yet hoped he would be a bit more sleepy. He also didn’t like being moved or changed.  It took us a while in between each set-up to get him settled back down to capture his preciousness!  He is a tiny tiny guy with a big personality already and I am loving that I get to be the one to take his photos for years to come!  I ♥ you Nicholas!  Thank you Rick and Angela for allowing me the privilege to capture your family’s special moments together!

Enjoy a sneak peak at my favorite color shots.  Tomorrow I will share my favorite black and whites.



How fun are these hats I found on Etsy?  I love them all!







I love this shot of him yawning.  So cute!  Look how he folded his legs…


And his tiny tiny toes – YUMMY!




Is there anything more precious than a newborn baby safe in his daddy’s arms?

I absolutely LOVE this shot of him being fussy at the end.  Poor guy was so done having us mess with him.  I felt so bad.  We quickly cleaned up – put him back in mommy’s arms – where he quieted right down and snuggled in for hours.


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  1. What stunning shots! Love the hats and what a precious little one.

  2. Alright...where on easy did you get those hats and do they have them in big girl sizes? I would so wear one!!
    You're pics are fab! You have a gift.
    Thanks for stopping by today. It is so nice to meet you!
    You are welcome any time.

  3. Oh my! Sweet shots for sure!

    And thanks for coming by my place. =)


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