Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pick and Draw

I’m thankful for the laughter and fun time I had with the children as we played a new game given to us by Rich Davis called  Pick and Draw.    Before dinner last night we played four sets of faces.   Rich I hope these make you proud!   We had a blast learning to draw cartoon faces.   This will surely become a family favorite!   

You separate the cards into categories.  Then what we did is the following – flipped over one from each category and started with the face and ended with the hair.  As you can see we added eyebrows and ears to our drawings.  Mine is the first one under the cards. 


Even though I told Gabriel to take up tons of space on his paper he still managed to draw tiny pictures each time.   Which personally I think is much harder to do!


Drawing #2


The first one is mine. 

Abigail did an amazing job at all of them – but this one is funny!


Jordan definitely was having fun with each drawing!


Drawing #3  This one is my personal favorite of my drawings for the night!


Abigail and Gabriel both did a great job!  He definitely worked at taking up more space on this one Smile


Drawing #4 


The kids all said this one was really hard for them.  However, they did a great job trying and we all laughed as we shared our finished drawings.


The biggest laughs came when Lexi joined in and drew an awesome cartoon character from our cards!




This is a great way to help your children learn to think outside of the box.  They get to make the rules and decide exactly how each face will end up looking!   Our children loved playing this game together!  We shared lots of laughs!

Rich was very generous and sent me a second set to give out to one of you.   All you have to do to enter is share this give-away with your readers {friends and family}, and comment on our family blog on my Thankful Thursday post.  We will select one winner tomorrow – announced there.   Be sure I can get in touch with you! 

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  1. What a great way to teach children to draw! I think I am going to try to find this and give it to my little sister as a gift!

    Jill I love all of your ideas and resources and I really enjoy using them when I fill in for my mom in homeschooling my youngest sister!

    I truly have learned so much from you in so many areas of life in such a short time. I am so blessed all that God has given me through you!

    Much Love!


  2. Hi! I just discovered blog and boy I am in love w/it!I am also a new follower! You inspire me so much...I would love to homeschool when I have kids and get married! Your awesome!
    God Bless
    My blog is


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