Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can’t Resist…

His sweet face and eyes.  I was taking photos of the kids the other night and our dog Caspian was all tucked in and comfy on the blanket next to me.   I stayed very still and was happy to be using my 100mm again{all SOOC}…you know I love it!!!  He was not thrilled with me taking his photos but was too comfy to move somewhere else Smile





The green on his face is from eating wheat grass capsules each morning.  Yes, even our dog is green – he begs every morning for the pulp from the juice I make for us. As you can see he just wanted to be sure I was not going to touch him and then forgot I was there snapping his photo – went right to sleep.  Can’t say I blame him after a long day of playing with the children and being held by most of them, all he wants to do by 7pm is sleep.  This is what he looks like every night – pretty cute and comfy…right? 

I’m excited to see your SOOC “Good-night” shots on Monday.   I’m working on a few fun ideas to share!   Thank you for all the sweet comments and encouragement!  You are all such a blessing and have helped inspire me to try new things!!!   Learning together is so much fun!

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