Sunday, January 16, 2011


The other day I took our children out sledding after another snowfall and when we came back in I asked Jordan, “if it would be OK to take pictures of her sweet rosy cheeks?”  I quickly moved her onto the sofa facing the sliding glass doors so the lighting would be perfect on her face.  I used my 100mm 2.8L {you know the one that I LOVE!!} and set it at  {1/50 f/4.0 ISO 320}.

She said, “Sure.”  But wasn’t really thrilled about having to put down her apple…sigh!  Smile






And that’s how I captured her sweetness!

See you all tomorrow for week two Shoot and Edit {your SOOC shots that say “Good-Morning”}.


  1. She's lovely Jill

    My shoot and edit is here as I won't be able to link up for another 12 hours - no internet access till then.

  2. She looks so lovely. I'm guessing she has no idea how pretty she is. :-)


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