Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Beauty of Winter

See I am even writing titles to encourage me as I wait for spring to arrive.  All around me everything is covered in snow.   I took time the other day to capture its beauty.   This is a small part of a lake near our home…I pulled over and walked to a good spot on the bridge so that I could see into the middle of it on both sides.   Cars drove by looking at me I’m sure wondering what on earth I was doing – as it was snowing again and very cold out.  But look at this and you my photo friends can understand why I stopped to truly see the beauty of the winter!





Then yesterday I woke up very early as I always do and was presented with a little gift from God – the moon and the last star in the sky as the sun was coming up.   Thank You God for all the ways You show me the glory and gifts all around me.


After our famous Pancake Saturday my husband took the older children outside to play – while the little guys stayed inside to watch me and Lexi Just Dance!  OK that is seriously fun and a great work out!!!!!

I love the shots I got of Joshua and Naomi while they waited for me to go downstairs…you can still see a very small remnant of pancakes on their faces.



I pray you are having a blessed day and finding the beauty of winter wherever you live! 

Ni Hao Yall

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I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for our 4th Shoot and Edit – this week show us RED!


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