Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You and I

What an amazing gift God has given me in Lexi – she is a blessing to our family in so many ways – her gifts and talents are amazing to watch being used for His glory.  Last week she was having fun taking self-portraits and I jumped in to have more pictures of us together.  I want to savor every moment with her because in another year she will be stepping into the next journey of her life without me by her side daily – college awaits.  Some days I struggle even saying those words and then I am reminded in order for her to really grow and use all the God given talents she has, she must step out on her own.   Every day I’m in awe of her beauty that shines so brilliantly from the inside out.  I never want to forget these days of watching her become the woman He has created her to be.   Thank you for letting me share them so intimately with you Lexi.  I love you!

She was shooting with her Canon T1i and 50mm 1.8 – using a shutter release button.  Lexi was sweet and helped fix my crazy bed head so these would be share worthy.






To enjoy more Black and White Wednesday Shots –

the long road

Reminder:  Today is the last day to link up with me for our Shoot and Edit weekly challenge. Tomorrow we will all be joining Ashley with our edited shots after reading her tutorial.  If you missed out this week next week our theme is “What says Good-Night to you?”


**Please remember to read this post if you join in any photo challenge.  Thank you!

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