Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Room with a View

If you read our family blog then you know I have a serious case of spring fever going on – this winter has been COLD around here for a long time.   Well, we finally had a taste of spring this week – it only lasted two days – but I’ll take it.   With the warmer temps came the SONshine!   It filled up our family room and it makes for perfect lighting to take photos of the children.   Too bad none of them wanted their photo taken the two days it filled up this room.  But hey, at least I can show you where we take all of our indoor photos- right?  Smile


To get the best lighting on the children’s faces I move the furniture around a bit and have them face the windows to ensure I get the beautiful catch lights in their dark chocolate eyes.   When the sun is shining this bright I can keep my ISO at 100 which is where I personally love it.


I couldn’t convince anyone to let me take their photo indoors, however, I did get Jordan to go outside with me for a quick mini shoot. {see even with 9 children I can’t always get someone to let me take their photo} Just in time for Monday’s PINK theme/prompt. 


I’ll see you all here Monday for our 7th Shoot and Edit weekly challenge. 

Thank you all for visiting and the encouraging comments!  I really appreciate them and you taking the time to visit with me.  I truly enjoy sharing all that I am learning with each of you!   Have a blessed weekend!

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