Friday, February 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday Give-away

I’m so excited to share this totally cute t-shirt with the winners!  You can bet the minute the weather breaks I’ll be sporting mine plenty!


I used random generator to select the two winners – thanks everyone for joining in the fun and spreading some love!    Ladies please email me your address and then you must promise to post a photo of you sporting your new tee.

                                          tshirt#1  Ashley Sisk  tshirt#-2 Tabi

Old Man winter came and went through our town once again yesterday.  This time he dumped over an inch of ice.   Thankfully the sun came out later in the afternoon and it all melted before 5pm.  We are still left with plenty of snow mind you – but some day soon that will be gone too.  Right?  A girl can dream!  44 days until spring!  I’m not counting – really!!!  LOL!

I try to make the best of these crazy winter days, so here are some of the glory and beauty I saw all around me:





I know there is plenty of noise in this photo but I love it anyway!  That icicle was a bit scary to stand near while the ice was all melting!


Despite the thick ice – the beautiful pink hues in this photo remind me spring really is just around the corner!


I’m really praying this beautiful plant makes it through this very harsh winter season.  When it is spring I promise to take a photo of it standing up reaching for the sun.  It is really unique!


Have a blessed weekend! I’m looking forward to your SOOC heart shots on Monday!

I hope you will join us once again!

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