Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teen Talk Tuesday– Loved


I decided instead of me sharing more about love I would simply let the following videos speak what my heart wishes to say to each of you.

First, we should all pay very close attention to this message.  Real Love sacrifices self – in essence it wills the good for others in every situation no matter!

Second, to truly understand love and Who you are loved by – you must know WHO is loving you!    You must be willing to lay down your will and pick up His for your life. 

Third, you must know your worth and then rise up to calling before you.  Stop listening to anything less than what He says about you.  Stop listening to anything less than His complete infatuation with you.   Stop listening to what the world says is love and begin to be changed by real love.   Stop focusing on the things that don’t matter and be willing to sacrifice everything for what does – real love



Each one of these verses is a reminder to us that real love sacrifices self – not my will but Thy will becomes the meditation of our heart and minds – our focus is not on us but on God.  We seek and ask Him first.  We listen and obey.  We pray and trust that He will answer us when the time is right and when He answers us it will be His best for us – even when He answers, “no”!


I pray this months theme on love has blessed you.  I pray that you are willing to go deeper with God because every step you take towards Him – He will lift you a thousand higher.   Next month we will begin our discussion on Girl Talk.  Remember if you have topic you would like us to discuss, simply comment your idea or question(s). 


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