Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday–He Cares

Yesterday, I was blessed to have lunch with two of the most amazing women – my mother-in-love and sister-in-love.  We shared our hearts.  Ate delicious food that my SIL made for us and just enjoyed being together.  They wanted to celebrate my birthday and I can’t think of a better way to do it then with them.  They showered me with two wonderful gifts – which pale in comparison to the gift of their love in my life.   God thank You for them.  Thank You for using them to remind me so much about how much You care about everyone.

He cares about the finest details in our lives.

He reminds us to not worry about what we will eat or wear.

He reminds us to be courageous – because He is with us and on our side!

He reminds us to be anxious for nothing – but in everything give thanks.  

If you are reading Ann’s book then you know that was the beginning of how she found true joy.

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. 

I mean A LOT!

Life is messy.

The more you live it – sometimes the greater the messiness!

The more the mess – the greater the opportunity for God to pull you through it and receive thanks.

The last few days Scott has been sharing such deep wisdom with me on a situation we are facing together – Him with thanksgiving and me struggling to get through the mess I’m making.  {I said to Scott I really wished I recorded our conversations because not only were they full of truth and power – but he is really funny!!!  And how he explains things totally makes sense – very simple to understand.  Which equates to - God convicting me really quick.  LOL!}

I have been way too focused on what I’m not getting in this situation and how some things have turned out in our lives to ever be joyful in them.   I’m in my own way and HIS to ever be joyful in these areas.

Maybe you are doing something similar in an area of your life.  

Saying things like, “God, this was not my plan.”   or “God, this was not how I expected life to turn out.” or “God, this…”

Whatever that this is that isn’t what you hoped, expected, planned or desired…I’m sure God’s response back to us is pretty much this:

“This is all you are willing to give Me.”  

“This is how much of your life and heart you are willing to give me.”

“This is all you can see.  I see the beginning to the end.” 

“This is nothing compared to what I have planned for you.  If you would only let Me give it to you.”

“This is My way of helping you become more like My Son.”

“This is My way of showering you with My grace, power and love.”   “But you must let Me.”

“Is this really more important to you than Me?”



So now the choice is ours. 

Every single one of us must choose.

To be thankful in all things for all things.  

Or to walk in the mess without any peace, joy or hope.

Without thanksgiving one can never have joy.

It is NOT easy to be thankful for some of the messes we don’t create that just happen. 

It is NOT easy to be thankful for things that really hurt us both physically and emotionally.

But God is able to help each of us find joy no matter how great the mess is.

You see we don’t love a weak God. 

Nor do we worship and praise a God without the ability to clean up the messes.

Nor do we seek after a God who doesn’t understand the pain we feel.

We are loved by an ALL powerful God!

We are loved by an ALL knowing God!

We are loved by an EVER PRESENT God!

We are loved by the ONE and ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD!

The ONE who created it all – just to bless us!

Every single thing we go through is for our good and His glory.

Either we believe that or we don’t.

There is no half way with God. 

He doesn’t give in parts and does not except when we try to give in parts back to Him.

A half sacrifice is NO sacrifice at all.

We will either lay it all down and receive His will for our lives with thanksgiving and live the abundant life, or we will walk through life frustrated and wondering why we never truly experience God’s peace and joy.

If you are walking through life or any circumstance frustrated – chances are pretty good its your perspective and unwillingness to be thankful for what God is allowing in your life or trying to teach you or wants to give you but you won’t let Him.

God won’t give you what He knows isn’t best for you.  

However, He will allow you to reap what you are sowing and have the good you got for yourself.    Which I can guarantee will never amount to true joy and peace.  Not because I say so, but because He says so.

Trust me when I say to you this lesson is one worth learning quick and then remembering every time a mess comes up in your life that you didn’t plan for or expect or desire.   Begin thanking God and asking HIM to help you clean it up.   Resist trying to fix it yourself and pray for wisdom on how to deal with it His way. 

Today, I’m thankful that He cares about me and each of us more than we could ever imagine.   I’m thankful that He cares about every single detail of our lives.  I’m thankful He is patient and always faithful.  I’m thankful that He has already given us everything we need to live the abundant life NOW!  

Today, spend time enjoying the mess in your life knowing God is right there in it and that He will be faithful to see you through the clean-up.

So here is my choice and I pray you will choose the same – because in this choice joy will be ours!!! 

Remember these powerful words? 

We must follow Him to become like Him!

Do you know who you are?

One of my new favorite songs and oh how true it is!!!!


The other day we had a picnic on the floor and the kids loved it.   Notice what Noah’s bib says… Smile




You can see more of my favorite photos of the children here from Monday.

I just had to add these in because they remind me of a rainbow – which reminds me of His promise to always care for us!  He is the only true promise maker and keeper!





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