Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 6 Shoot to Edit–SOOC

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Welcome  back everyone!  Thanks again for joining us.  To those of you who are new to our weekly challenge please go here to learn all the details about how this works first.  The next five weeks of themes/prompts are at the bottom of my blog.  Also, everyone please do us a favor and read this post before entering any photo challenge…thanks!

This week’s prompt/theme is Love/RomanceHere are my SOOC shots.  
I asked Lexi to help me yesterday to capture a few shots of my husband and I together.   Nothing fancy.  Nothing chic.  Simply us on a Sunday afternoon.   I set my camera to:
Then my sweet husband allowed me to capture him studying and working.   Which to me always says love – the deeper he goes with God – the more love He lavishes me and our children with.   I’m not sure how much editing I will do with these because I love them just the way they are.  They are my man doing what he does best – thinking about the deep things in life and working to understand them so he can help me become a better person.  Not romantic to everyone but true romance to me.  The little things in life that make a girls heart still go pitter patter after 10.5 yrs. together.   Not to mention the moments we steal for hugs and kisses – hopefully without 9 pair of eyes on us.  Sigh…because the “yucks” and “gross” comments truly snap us back to reality!

I ♥ you and am so thankful that you are my forever’n ever’n always Valentine!

Again, this week our theme or prompt is show us one shot SOOC that is Love/RomanceYou have until Wednesday each week to link your SOOC shot up here. On Thursday we link up with Ashley after we follow her tips on how to edit our shots.  

For those of you like me who like to stay ahead – Week Seven February 21: PINK. Remember you can see the next five themes/prompts at the bottom of my blog.  Or I would be happy to email you our 2011 calendar of photo prompts/themes in a PDF file.  Email me and I’ll send it to you Smile

Now it's your us your SOOC "Love/Romance" shots!


  1. These are sweet photos of the 2 of you. My boys haven't gotten to the "yuck" and "gross" phase yet. When they see me and the hubby embracing, they always seem to want to join in on the hugging and kissing.

    FYI - I had no issues with leaving my Linkiy.

  2. Heres my entry


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