Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why Homeschooling Matters

I know I have been absent on here and I apologize.  I really don’t have time to keep up on this blog regularly.  We are moving right along.  Lilly just finished 5th grade TT and is excited to be doing 6th grade math {she will be home one year from Ethiopia next Sunday and was unable to really speak much English at all – we are very proud of her!}.   Jordan just finished 4th grade TT and is equally thrilled to be doing 5th grade math now. 

We are more than half way through our school year and once this snow melts – we will begin to take some field trips.   We are still praying on what our homeschooling will look like next year and once I know I promise to share our decision.

I am reminded almost daily why the decision to homeschool has been one of the best we made as a family.  It is not because I get to teach them how to read, write and add.  It is because all day long I get to train them on how to develop and strengthen their godly characters.  Every day something comes up where I need to rely on God to help me show them what their choice to sin is doing in their lives and to our family.  Every day I get to learn from how the littlest sin can grow into a mountain in our lives if not dealt with quickly.  Some times this is way harder than it sounds.  Because it means not only am I dealing with their sins but mine as well.   I am constantly reminded more is caught than taught.   I must walk ever so closely to God for them to see Him in me and through me.   Without His grace doing this 24/7 would be impossible and if I am honest totally not desirable.  But because I fall down on my knees humbly more and more each day knowing I have nothing to give them and He has already supplied everything I need – I can face each day with hope and joy! 


A friend shared this video and all I could say at the end was AMEN!!!

Many of you have asked me questions about homeschooling your high school students.  Today I found the following videos.

Go here first and you can learn more from her at  When you watch Linda’s video on youtube* you will see many others she has posted there – all are very informative and helpful!

Then on *youtube look up homescholar she is a wealth of information!

I hope you are all doing well and finding the joy in the journey to train up your children to be the salt and light of this world!

Let me know if you would like me to keep sharing the devotionals I receive just for homeschooling families.  Smile

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  1. Hi Jill,

    We are praying about what next year will look like for us, too. I've enjoyed this year teaching Ava. It's time that I will never get back and how precious is that?!

    Our two kids have been arguing more lately than normal. (mainly one of them has a problem) We want so badly for them to love each other and treat each other with kindness and love. I thought about how your focus this year has been "Love is a verb" and I would like to make that focus over here.

    I would love to hear some suggestions on how you deal with the kiddos when they are not being loving. I get so frustrated and then I'm the one sinning, you know? I know that my example is HUGE. Thank God that His mercies are new every morning...

  2. AWESOME Sweetie.. If I could redo all my years all of my kids would have been homeschooled...
    Thats for SURE...Too longgggg of a story right now but I've had 6 children. One is with Jesus,( best place to be) he was a late miscarriage,yrs ago.
    They would have all been sooooo
    ( I like o's and s's ;0) much closer to Jesus if they could have been homeschooled. Thats what I believe in my heart..

    What a Gift you have been blessed with Sweetie...May our LORD continue to shower His blessings on you and yours~~~
    Hugs Dena


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