Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You are my

Funny little man…who adores his oldest brother! 
I saw many shots yesterday where the focus was on eyelashes – well here you go friends {be still my heart} – our children have seriously long lashes!
All shots are taken with my 100mm 2.8L and SOOC. 
There is something so sweet about this next photo…I love that the focus in on Noah and he is smiling just walking with Jonathan. 
Too bad you can’t see my faces or hear the noises Noah and I were making at each other – he he he!  But I think these photos will give you some idea Smile
And you, you are my funny little girl.   You smile and we all smile!
You two boys make me truly remember how fun it is to just be silly and enjoy life!  You will have to visit our family blog to see a few really funny shots of these two Smile
Yesterday I shared a few ice shots I took after our walk above.  This next one I really love…it looks like a miniature sculpture.  Oh how I love the bokeh in this photo.  Truly the 100mm 2.8L is my absolute favorite lens!
I got down really low to the ground where the water was coming off the roof as the snow was melting and love how these turned out!  Once again there are prisms – tiny little rainbows!
The only edit done to these was a boost in contrast…just to get the ground a bit blacker.
To enjoy more Black and White Wednesday Shots –
the long road
Reminder:  Today is the last day to link up with me for our 5th Shoot and Edit weekly challenge – this week’s prompt/theme is hearts.  Tomorrow we will all be joining Ashley with our edited shots after reading her tutorial.  If you missed out this week next week our theme is L♥VE/Romance.
**Please remember to read this post if you join in any photo challenge.  Thank you!

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