Friday, March 4, 2011

High 5’s

OK, well that was what they were trying to do anyway.  I had the best time capturing these shots of the boys.  I will share a different series of them over the next few days.  But for now – enjoy a good laugh with me and their complete joy!   They make me smile Open-mouthed smile  All shots are SOOC only used MCP web resize action.


Once they realized I was taking a photo of them this is what they did Open-mouthed smile  I know I am blessed.  Thank You God for creating the deep and beautiful bonds our children share!


Then, let the high fiving begin!  HA HA HA!  Gabriel closed his eyes every time their hands were about to touch.  Joshua just giggled like crazy!  Open-mouthed smile


Try again!


Almost, try again!


Ha! Ha! Ha!  Try again boys!



OK, now let’s really focus and then we can do it!


We did it!!!  Ahhh the sweet victory!  


YEAH!!!  We did it again!!!  Open-mouthed smile


Ahhh, now that was fun!  I sure hope you are smiling!  I know I am!!!  I love there sweet smiles, giggles and the way they love each other!  Not to mention want to wear the same shirt as soon as they see the other one putting it on. 

Have a great weekend everyone!   I look forward to seeing all of your entries for our 9th good to WOW challenge on Monday – theme/prompt is spring.   Come on SPRING!  Open-mouthed smile

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