Friday, March 18, 2011


It all started when our good to WOW challenge hosted self-portraits on week 8 and less than half our group linked up. 

My heart broke as I read post after post filled with words of how each woman feels about themselves and the reasons they are never in front of the camera.  I prayed as I left each post and thanked God that the women who joined in at least had the courage to go for it.   Yet, I asked God to show me how I could do something more than simply host a weekly photo challenge that would encourage women (girls, teens) to see themselves as they really are – WONDERFULLY, PERFECTLY, and FEARFULLY created by God.

Earlier in March I wrote several posts that I pray will encourage to join our project today! (They were originally on my family blog but that is now private and I want you to be able to read them)
It is time we take back what the world has stolen from us – our worth and beauty just as we are!

Another post I originally shared on our family blog this week that I pray each of you reads and then shares with all the women and teens in your lives.  It is that important and truly needs to be talked about, so others can be set free from the pain that is holding them back from knowing their worth and beauty. 


It’s easy to tell other people that they are beautiful,
but it’s a lot harder to tell yourself that YOU are beautiful and believe it.

IMG_0307 me

Well, What are you waiting for?
Go read my posts above and then join us to change how we all see ourselves…one beautiful person at a time! 



If you would like to enter your photos into our flickr group simply click on any photo in this post.  Thank you!

Please share your posts below so we can all be blessed by what God is doing and has done in your lives, that you set you free, to proclaim loud and proud the title in which you always are to Him - I AM BEAUTIFUL!!!


  1. Hey, Jill!
    just wanted to let you know that I am making your I am beautiful project this week's Selfie Saturday challenge:

  2. I love this! I think it's so important to let people know how truly beautiful they actually are. I did take some photos already that you can see here: :)

  3. Found this post through Emily's blog (Scribbles from Emily). Glad for the reminder. I sure am one of those people who tend to forget who I really am IN GOD'S SIGHT.


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