Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday–Love


Take every opportunity to love – all the people in your life – the ones who are in it for a season, a moment and your lifetime.


Let love be carved into your heart and soul – for then it shall never be washed away.


Let love of truth be your focus and your guide – wisdom will be yours and become the words of your mouth that will last forever in the hearts listening.




Let your words and deeds of love be gentle – for they will soften the hardest of hearts!


Let the love of God overwhelm you and shine deep into the darkest places of your soul.


There is no greater love than this – that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.   There is no greater love than this – that every single moment of every single day God is for us and is willing the good for us. 


And no matter what your response to this truth may be – BUT GOD!   Try as hard as you can – nothing has more power to change you – than this truth…


words by Jill Samter photos by google images.


Will you please pray for our family as we prepare our home for showings?  I’m trying very hard to not lose sight of God in the chaos of keeping a home neat with 11 people while packing it up for a major move.   Thankful that already there are people who are interested in seeing our home.   Thankful that the older children will help me today pack and clean some more.   Thankful that the sun is out again and they can play outside while I work, work, work.   Thankful that we are all learning so much about love and how awesome it feels inside to be the receiver of it!    Thankful that you are keeping our family close to your hearts during this time and lifted before the throne of grace –which is our complete strength and joy!    Hugs and love! 

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