Sunday, April 10, 2011

Be Still SONday

How many times have we all walked on wet grass after the rain has come and gone – never to notice what is under our feet?  Or never looked at the details of the early morning dew in the grass? 

When I took a closer look at the rain drops left behind I was amazed at the beauty and details all around them.  Take a look….

little drops of rain (3)

     one blade of beauty (5) one blade of beauty (12)

How many times have we forgotten to thank God for all the ways He handles the vast details of our lives?

Tiny world of H2O

Lately, God has been using every circumstance of the season He has us in to remind me of this very thing – there is NOTHING that goes unnoticed by Him and NOTHING His hand is not upon.    Thank You God!

His faithfulness truly has us in awe once again!   His hands are all over our move to VA and the blessings coming already from us saying, “yes” are blowing us away!  

I have clearly learned to leave all the details in His hands and things will all work out – just as they are meant to – no matter what!    Which leads me to sing this song today…

Praying for each of you today!    May you too look for all the ways God is working out the details of your life and then trust in Him to do what is best for you!   Remember He is willing the good for you – because He LOVES YOU!!!!!


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