Friday, April 15, 2011

Pure in Heart

It all started with a trip to the mailbox on a gorgeous spring day.


One sweet little brother saw his big sister and wanted to just be with her.  He stopped riding his scooter and headed wherever she was going.


Destination found.  Questions began.  

Joshua:  What are you doing?  

Lexi:  Going to read my new Susie Mag.

Joshua:  Oh.  Can I watch? 

Lexi:  Sure.

Joshua:  Can I read with you?


Lexi:  Sure.


But, I don’t want Mom taking my photo.


Joshua:  Ok.  


But.  I do. 






Joshua:   Mom will you take my photo running to  you?

Me:  Go for it!!!!


     SOOC_1490 SOOC_1491

Me:  So what are you reading?


Me:  Beautiful – read on.  Cool article photo! Open-mouthed smile

We are slow to catch onto this movement.  Last week our new TOMS finally arrived and we love them.    For more reasons than comfort alone.   Every pair of shoes you buy a child who lives without them in a 3rd world country receives a pair of shoes as well.   After seeing what they literally walk on daily without shoes – I love knowing one less child will be doing that again today!


And just because I think this is a very cool shot of Lexi’ while reading…


all shots are SOOC {straight out of camera}

I pray you call on the name of the Lord today and allow Him to lift you up in every way only He can!    I pray you believe upon His Son and allow the faith of a mustard seed to grow a bountiful harvest in your life!

As I drove on some errands yesterday – this song played in my car and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you.   What a beautiful song to fill us with worship and praise before Easter next weekend. 


Today Lexi shares a beautiful and powerful post about the movie we watched together last weekend.  Check it out and share!

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