Friday, April 8, 2011

Senior Session {Lexi Part II}

Tuesday I shared our second location…yes I did them backwards.  Here are the shots from earlier in the day on Sunday.   We both love how these turned out.   What an incredible location, with a fun outfit and lots of sunshine!   Actually it was a bit bright so I worked around that as much as I could.  When in direct light I had her close her eyes and on the count of three open Open-mouthed smile 

              lexi-3812  lexi-3818









And just one more because if you are anything like me…you had to know what it said on her shirt Open-mouthed smile


Yes, sweet girl – you are very wise for such a tender age.  I can’t wait to watch God’s plan unfold for your life! 

Yesterday and today Lexi recorded three of her original songs for a demo CD.  I can’t wait to share it with all of you when it is done.  Now we just have to narrow down which photo will make the cover!  Open-mouthed smile

Remember our next good to WOW theme is “FAITH”!  I’m looking forward to seeing your photos on Monday!

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