Monday, April 11, 2011

Week 14 good to WOW {SOOC}

Welcome  back everyone!  Thanks again for joining us.  To those of you who are new to our weekly challenge please go here to learn all the details about how this works first.  The next five weeks of themes/prompts are at the bottom of my blog.  Also, everyone please do us a favor and read this post before entering any photo challenge…thanks!

This week’s theme/prompt is “FAITH” and as most of you know mine is completely in God.  I trust my life and everything to Him.  He is beyond faithful time and time again.   If you would like to learn more about my walk with Him and all the ways He shows Himself faithful in our lives – jump on over to our family blog.  

On Friday as I was driving Lexi to her CD recording it was raining and yet I couldn’t help but roll down my window to capture the following shots.   No worries, I was at a red light.   These photos speak so much to my heart – most importantly new life (the blossoms on the tree and mine because of Him).   How perfect as we prepare to celebrate Passover and Easter in a little over a week. 

Because I didn’t have much time to capture these shots – my settings are no where near “right” but I moved them very quickly to ensure I didn’t miss the shots all together.   I am pleased with the SOOC shots but fell in love with the edits. 


As I was driving us all home I noticed this sign and had to pull in to capture it.   I have not been able to stop thinking about what it says and how true these words are.  I lived a life of regret way too long and can’t thank God enough for all that He has done to save me.   I pray many times to never regret another day and to live life in a way that His love is my guide, strength, hope and joy!


Lexi has wanted to join the following campaign for a while, and I was finally able to capture this shot for her…

Remember my new challenge and contest for all of you started last week – best SOOC in April will win a $50.00 GC for one of these beautiful camera straps (I have the one shown below and LOVE IT!)
Time to get serious about ROCKING your SOOC’s!  This prize is too good not to try really hard to win!
Look at the next five prompts and start thinking about what you want to capture and begin practicing now.  I can’t wait to see what you all share throughout April.  If you would like the entire year of prompts simply email me and I will send you the PDF file right away!    Good luck and happy shooting!
Now it’s your turn to show us what “FAITH” means to you…

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