Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 15 good to WOW! {SOOC}

Welcome  back everyone!  Thanks again for joining us.  To those of you who are new to our weekly challenge please go here to learn all the details about how this works first.  The next five weeks of themes/prompts are at the bottom of my blog.  Also, everyone please do us a favor and read this post before entering any photo challenge…thanks!

This weeks theme/prompt is Easter/Passover and with all the rain we are having around here I am unable to shoot what I originally hoped I could.   So these will have to do Open-mouthed smile  I took the first set while everyone was still sleeping yesterday.


By the time I finished taking photos around the property (raindrops in the grass and sun flare through the weeping cherry blossoms) the children were filling up the mudroom ready to start the day.   Our two youngest quickly grabbed the egg container from me and asked if I would take their photos.  Of course I said, “YES!”  But ugh, I never changed my settings.   Glad they still turned out pretty good for what I had the camera on before coming inside!   Our children love Miss Patty Cakes and the Resurrection Eggs! 


Please don’t mind the morning dried drool (gross I know) on Noah’s face!

Instead, please focus on his gorgeous eyelashes.  Much better Open-mouthed smile

Here are a few other SOOC shots that I love from my morning photo session all alone outside with God.   After the crazy storm we had from Friday night through early Sunday morning – it was refreshing to be outside again!


I pray you take the time this week to visit our family blog today and learn more about the true meaning of Passover and Easter.   I wrote several posts two years ago that I trust will bless each of you.

Remember my new challenge and contest for all of you started this month – best SOOC in April will win a $50.00 GC for one of these beautiful camera straps (I have the one shown below and LOVE IT!)


Time to get serious about ROCKING your SOOC’s!  This prize is too good not to try really hard to win!

Look at the next five prompts and start thinking about what you want to capture and begin practicing now.  I can’t wait to see what you all share throughout April.  If you would like the entire year of prompts simply email me and I will send you the PDF file right away!    Good luck and happy shooting!

Have a blessed day and week – I’ll be back Thursday night and will view all of your SOOC shots as quickly as I can!  I have three photo shoots this weekend.  Which I can't wait to put all the awesome tips and skills I am learning this week into practice!!! 

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