Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looking in…

I truly believe the eyes are the window into everyone’s soul…there is something so amazing about the depth of emotion in a persons eyes.   I love how each photo speaks without needing to say a word more…our children happen to have the most gorgeous eyes to photograph (and stare into)!

I will be sharing many photos over the next few weeks of the gifts and blessings God has shown me – from tiny drops of rain left after the storms we are having, to the smiles on our children’s faces, to the beauty of His creation all around me.   I will begin to share more tips and tricks on capturing the best SOOC shots as well.  
Each shot above was taken with my 100mm 2.8L and only edited for contrast, then resized for the web.  
Next week’s good to WOW theme is Chalk Drawings.  Time to get your creative juices flowing and look around for some inspiration to come up with the best SOOC shot for May!

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