Thursday, May 5, 2011

My First Bee…

Earlier this week I shared some pink goodness that I captured before we moved.  Well, here is some more…{all shots are SOOC}


Although these trees make a huge mess on our cars when the flowers start to fall off, it looks like it is snowing and we are walking in a fairy tale.  Lexi and I love it!   Too bad my allergies don’t!   See a recurring theme here?  Winking smile


Then I looked up because I heard a loud buzzing noise above me.   There it was a huge bumble bee in flight and I had my camera all ready to go.  Too bad I didn’t have a zoom lens on.   Open-mouthed smile


It all worked out because he got even closer to me, and I decided since he was so busy eating I could go a little closer too.


Ahhhhh, my first bumble bee shot of the season.   I’m sure with all the lilac trees near our new porch I will be capturing many more of them Open-mouthed smile  I saw a few butterflies on it today too – YEAH!  Can’t wait to have time to take photos around our property!

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