Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Senior Prom {2011} Part II

I guess these two photos should have been posted earlier today.  Let me back up for a moment – watching his face when we opened the door upon his arrival was awesome.  I did NOT have my camera ready at all.  But that memory will last with me until the day she stands before the one God is preparing for her to betroth forever.

It was a sweet moment watching him place the corsage upon her wrist.  Open-mouthed smile 



After dinner we were on our way to prom and I couldn’t pass up this red door. 

Truly it was an awesome church and photo location. 



I love this series of photos of them together Open-mouthed smile


Don’t let the pretty girl in the fancy dress fool you (hip check and almost knocking her best friend over was all part of this moment)!


I did not bring my flash with me and so I was left to do what any good mom would – forget about the perfect shot and just capture the moment.  This was how they spent the entire night – dancing and laughing it away.  


Remember to check below for the next five prompts for our good to WOW weekly challenge!   Wishing you all a blessed day!

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