Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Senior Prom {2011}

I was so blessed to spend the night with two amazing people over the weekend – our oldest daughter and her best friend headed out for her senior prom.   They enjoyed a delicious dinner together and then it was off to dance the night away.  I have many fun shots to share and memories that will last a lifetime for all of us!  


We often joke that they look alike, and they actually refer to each other as “twin”.

The night got off with tons of laughs the moment she lifted the hem of her dress to show off her very cool shoes  {red sneakers}.  Yes, she was the most comfortable girl at prom!


Then it was time for some formal shots.





But with these two formal doesn’t last very long.  They are all about having a good time and laughing  - A LOT!

Leap frog anyone???  Prom-3833

“Watch out for her hair!” both mom’s shouted. Winking smile

“Don’t worry about the hair we are going to JUMP START this night!”



Oh yeah, they started it off right and truly had the best time of their lives!

More to come soon…I had so much fun capturing this special night!

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