Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Too Cute to Boot

When you tell your 4 yr. old son to get shoes on and go outside – he may end up wearing a very colorful outfit.   He will most certainly look cute.   He will most certainly be ready for any storm that may pass through as well.   He will most certainly be ready to ride his “bike” just about anywhere too.   Not to mention be all too excited to pose for a photo or two. 



Ut-oh, why is Mom paying so much attention to him?   I want my picture taken too.   I also want to ride the “bike”!



After lots of complaining and whining. 


She got onto said “bike” and things were just about better.


Especially once she got to drive!  Now here comes the smiles I know and love!



“Don’t worry be happy!!!”


Wishing you a richly blessed day!   May you find joy today in the little things and peace in knowing they are more than enough!  

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