Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Very Busy Spider

Keeping with my outdoor theme today

A very busy spider went to work all day,


along came a child and tore his web away.


So the very busy spider started out again,


and then another child came to have its way.

But the very busy spider was determined to build its house,


and then another child found its lovely home.


The poor busy spider was all tuckered out,

and another curious child couldn't stay away...


So the very busy spider went to work once more,


and this time built a magical web that all the children loved.


And that's the end of our very busy spider story for today!

You should know no spider was injured in the making of this post, no child was hurt either.  But I am positive we have the busiest spider anywhere living on our front porch.  Maybe it will soon spin words for us like Charlotte’s web!

See you tomorrow for our SOOC Swings/Slides Open-mouthed smile

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