Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Allow me to introduce you to…

Our very own “Laura Ingall’s” – she is almost 9 yrs old and lives and breaths Little House on the Prairie.   She is reading through the entire series this summer and loves every moment lost in the stories of a girl who lived life to the fullest!  Our “Laura” wears her heart on her sleeve too and can’t hide a single emotion.   One day she will be an incredible wife and mother full of God’s amazing grace, not to mention her ability to love big and deep!






As I mentioned last week, I took our oldest girls out to see a small town near us and while visiting one of the local stores Lexi found the following…



Right before these photos were taken I had her close her eyes and I placed the hat upon her head.  She could NOT imagine what it was.  She ran to the mirror and squealed with such delight!  It was worth every second!  As you can imagine she has been wearing it almost every day…with long braids of course.  It is beyond precious to see her running or riding her biking with it flying off her head just like Laura’s did.   I pray she doesn’t grow out of this phase any time soon.  It is by far one of my favorites!!!!  

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