Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Excitement and Cuteness

Our oldest graduated from High School last month.   Our parents wanted to get her something special.  Guess what she asked them for???

Yup, my favorite lens!   And they are so awesome – she got it!  Immediately she wanted to go outside to play with it.  So I put mine onto my camera and we headed outdoors with several of the boys.  This is the beginning of her falling in love with her very own 100mm 2.8L.    You will see on her photography blog that she is ROCKIN’ this lens already.   No surprise there, this girl has been blessed with a natural talent in all things creative.  





I think the reason our children love to have their photo taken is just to see themselves on the back of our camera.  They get so excited every single time.  You would think by now they would be tired of it – but NO they love it!


Every single…




Have a blessed Wednesday!  I can’t even believe this week is half over – gosh I’m not ready for the 4th of July to be here already.  Are you? 

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