Sunday, June 12, 2011

In the Backyard…

As I prepared for this week’s photo challenge I couldn’t help but capture all of the insects living on or near the playset.

I never looked this closely at a daddy long leg before – they are UGLY!   Really is any bug for that matter pretty?  I haven’t found one yet that I would call pretty.    God says they are good and all have a purpose – I still can’t seem to embrace them.  Eeek!  or should I say ICK!  LOL!  

So if these things give you the heebies at all – scroll all the way to the bottom to see some beauty that I found!  Just sayin’





Poor flies – they are not only annoying and disliked by everyone and every creature - but they are UGLY!


Have you ever seen anything like this before?  A butterfly that looks half zebra and half skunk?




I walked back up to our deck and turned around to see this….beautiful, glorious – SUN FLARE!

   sunflare-4430 sunflare-4431

See you all tomorrow with your best SOOC shots of swings/slides!

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