Friday, June 24, 2011

It’s Good to be the


And around here there is only room for one!  HA!


And as cute as she may be…she’s NOT it!

Which doesn’t make this Queen wannabe very happy!

  n-j-princess-5486 n-j-princess-5493

However, it makes the queen very pleased and she wishes the princess would understand there is only room for one queen around these parts…

   n-j-princess-5487 n-j-princess-5495

“No worries, my fair princess – you will soon be queen when I am grown-up!”


“Perfect, I can wait!” 


“But hey, how long is it until I grow up?”


“Soon enough my sweet princess.  Soon enough.  Until then allow me to be queen a little longer…”


And so it was settled on this very day – the queen could remain queen just a little bit longer Open-mouthed smile


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