Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 25 good to WOW {SOOC}


Welcome back everyone! Thanks again for joining us. To those of you who are new to our weekly challenge please go here to learn all the details about how this works first. The next five weeks of themes/prompts are at the bottom of my blog. Also, everyone please do us a favor and read this post before entering any photo challenge…thanks!

This week our theme/prompt is sunrise – which for me was NOT easy.  Not because I am unsure of how to capture a sunrise – I have taken many of them before and love watching a new day begin.   They are such a reminder to me of God’s grace, mercy and love for us.  However, where we live now it is surrounded by trees and mountains.  Which means unless I’m willing to drive pretty far I’m not going to see a good view of a sunrise like I used to.   Nor did I ever get around to ordering a  polarizer filter which would have definitely made these shots easier on Saturday morning.   I woke up at 5:30am and went out to do my best – searching for the best spots to capture the glorious sunrise.   Even though they are not what I hoped for I am thrilled with what I was able to capture – not to mention show you another glimpse of the beautiful area we live in.   Oh how I love this place.  

The first photo you will see that I underexposed a bunch to keep the colors in the sky as close to what I was seeing – this turned the trees into a silhouette.   Which is neat too – but I really didn’t want to lose the beauty of the morning and how the light was all around me.   Again, I could have really used a polarizer filter.   It also would have helped if I was more awake and thinking clearer – but as they say hindsight is 20/20.

My settings for this shot were 1/2000 f/2.8 ISO 125

For this shot I drove up to the top of the hill that overlooks the bridge from MD to VA.   In the very next shot you will see how far I really was away from it.
My settings for this first shot were 1/100 f/7.1 ISO 100

1/250 f/7.1 ISO 320 for this next one

The sun began to rise above the trees and I quickly drove down to the bridge so that I could capture these…


You should know I don’t like heights or bridges.  I can deal with driving over this one because it is NOT very long.  But walking on it was a whole other subject – YIKES!  I got about a 1/4 way onto it and couldn’t take how much it moved under me with ever car going by.   UGH!   I’m glad I didn’t get off before I was able to capture this…


Then I drove to the loading area for boats under the bridge into the river and captured these…


I love the double sun flare in both of these Smile

After all of that I was tired and got home just in time for the children to wake up very ready for our day.  Nap time anyone??? 

I want to apologize that since our move it has become so hard for me to visit your personal blogs.  I do my best to visit a few of you each week or when I can.  I’m currently trying to find a place close by that has high-speed internet so that I can visit all of you more often.  But since that is not easy to do with our busy schedule I would love it if you would please post your photos that you want entered into our monthly challenge onto the flickr group I started.
To view it and join – go here good to WOW flickr group – you can upload one photo a week into the group pool. Please name it “week # and photo prompt” to help the group follow along. If that does not work for you, please email me your best SOOC photos if you want to enter them into the give-away this month. Thank you!

This is our last week of June and your chance to win the Opteka 43" 5-in-1 Collapsible Disc Reflector, Translucent, White, Black, Silver, Gold, with Carrying Case for the best SOOC! 


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