Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where’s the Rain Boys?

As you will quickly see there was not a drop in sight.  Yet, that didn’t stop these two cuties from being ready for another storm.    Can’t say I blame them it has been raining here almost every day for two weeks. 

kids-4302Despite our youngest son being named after the great ark builder and faithful follower of God in the bible – we are pretty sure God has not called him to build an ark on our property!!!  Open-mouthed smile

I’m not exactly sure what they were about to go look for but whatever it was – they were both ready with a smile!  And of course they had the perfect boots on to do it!



They were both full of smiles, dirty faces and hands by the time their adventure was done.   I’m just sorry I wasn’t ready with my camera to catch the end of the day too! 

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