Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Before leaving for the festivities last night I walked over to the garage to get two blankets and a few chairs – I found this


OH YEAH that made me smile Open-mouthed smile

We arrived at the park and found a pretty good crowd there at 6pm.


There was a July 4th King and Queen – so of course the kids wanted their photo with them.  How fun!


As we listened to the music for the night – clouds moved in and I received a text from my husband “raining here really hard and its on the way to you.”   GREAT!   Oh no!   Really??  Sure enough – with in minutes of his text the rain came but thankfully I grabbed two blankets and an umbrella.  I covered the kids with the one blanket and my camera.  Then I put the umbrella up for me.  The rain lasted almost 45 minutes.   However, we all stayed dry and so did my camera!   YEAH!


We stretched our legs a few times and danced to the awesome band.   They played songs I listened to almost 20 yrs ago and the kids could NOT believe I know all the words.  HA! 


The moment they were done – the fireworks began (they announced right before them that there was 15-20K people in attendance this year!) and they lasted for a half hour.  They were AWESOME!



After the rain it was a bit windy but where we were sitting was perfect to see the fireworks!  The wind helped create the next shot – which I think is pretty cool!


I love how it looks like stars are in and around this one…


I love the red, white and blue and the design going on in the center…



Then came the five minute finale and it ROCKED!  The music played and fireworks kept on coming!



I hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th of July!  Blessings and thanks for the sweet comments about my firework shots earlier today!  I had fun capturing them!

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