Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On the Farm

The children were beyond thrilled to see so many animals on the farm and have the chance to touch many of them, as well as, help feeding them.






It seemed like the turkeys loved having their photo taken – the moment I would come over they would begin talking to me and then strutting their stuff.   Their necks went from white to red and they were all excited for a while.  It was really cool to share this experience with the children.




The second day one of the farm cats followed us around for hours.  Purring at us and wanting food.  Sorry kitty we don’t have anything but a blueberry to feed you. 



There were also a few not so great creatures in the patch and farm – worms that eat the berry tree.  Neat to photograph but a bit gross to almost grab!


I can’t wait to share photos of Brie (the dog) with the children and of them picking berries with you!  Come back later for more blueberry and farm photos!

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